The New Ember’s Mug 2 and Travel Mug 2 will Extend your Coffee Temperature

One of the world’s most known technologies may be the humble mug, but have you heard about the startup mug maker called Ember? If not, then here's your chance to know more about them. Ember decided it was time for a change. They introduced to the market their temperature-controlled smart mug in 2016. Now, the company has officially launched its Ember Mug 2. This is a follow-up that keeps the design and concept in place, but there's some improvement they made.

They have a two second-generation Ember mugs. The Ember Travel Mug and the Ember Mug. These are designed for office and home use. They extended the battery life on both mugs, and both of their charging coasters were redesigned, while the Travel Mug 2 gets a new control interface. These control interface is for adjusting the temperature of the beverage, plus it’s a bit lighter while holding.

Ember Mug 2

This sequel to Ember’s home mug that comes in white, black and a copper version. This mug comes in with two sizes: 10 oz and 14 oz. Like its previous product, they added features that do an internal heating element and battery. They even added Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones. This can be controlled from the Ember app. Ember Mug 2 has a durable ceramic coating.

It has a customizable LED that shows you when it’s turned on, and you can change the color to whatever you want. It is also very handy if you have a couple of these in your home. You just need to pair it with an app on your phone in order to set your desired temperature.

Ember app will send you notifications when the liquid reaches your desired temperature. We've been using one of their first-generation products, and the one thing I found was that on my coffee schedule, sometimes my third cup would end up cold, because of the battery life would not last long enough.

But this new Ember mug offers up to 50% better battery life than the first version. I haven’t seen the low battery warning even though I'm done drinking coffee for the day. To make it short, make sure to charge it every evening, so that you will have plenty of juice for a full day of use on the next day without worrying about it's battery life.

Ember Travel Mug 2

For the Travel Mug 2, they slightly redesigned it. They also added battery improvements. Whereas Ember used a dial to control temperature adjustments without using your phone on the last version, now they've added a touch-sensitive area on the cup. You can easily slide your fingers around this in order for you to increase or decrease the temperature.

With this changes it is likely what allowed Ember to slim down the design and ofcourse while keeping the internal volume (12 oz) always the same. They made this to make it travel-friendly than before. Not to mention it also offers three hours of battery life. The Travel Mug 2 also took the auto sleep and wake features that they introduced with the precious version. Meaning that it will automatically turn itself on and off depending if it detects liquid inside. It also automatically turn itself on and off basing on the motion if the mug is being picked up, they did this to extend battery life even more.

These design is top-notch, with a hand-friendly design, smooth matte surface. With it's hand-friendly design, easy to red LED displays that just automatically turned off when not in use. It shows current temperature at the bottom display with an indicator of remaining battery life. You can also add a custom name to show on it to avoid confusion if there are multiple Travel Mugs in use.

Bottom line

This Ember’s follow-up hardware didn’t need a major changes because it has many features that make things so right. The added battery life with this version is great, and the appearance remains the same. If you’re a coffee or tea lover and don’t like a cold cup of drink, then this is the mug for you.

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