Ezviz C3N: A budget-friendly Wi-Fi outdoor security cam featuring night vision

The Ezviz C3N is a highly interesting Wi-Fi outdoor security camera with night vision. The camera is worth $70 and it is a Full HD waterproof camera in a world conquered by cameras which cost 2x or 3x as much, which means it shouldn't really be any good at all.

It totally packs in the features in terms of connectivity and base functionality, which means it should be twice as bad. But somehow, it is not. Actually, it is pretty strong, for long as you're tough enough to install it, and there's tons of interesting stuff going on.

Colour night vision is an interesting idea, right? It's a real stuff that exists in high-end military-spec cameras – but here, just like in every other consumer-grade security camera, the term literally means something more beyond the disappointing lines of there being a blinding visible-spectrum built-in spotlight. It could be a little of a marketing issue, but it's a system which works pretty well as long as you're not searching to get a sneaky full-colour look at what's going on.

Excluding the two spotlight LEDs, the C3N's stealthy black & white night vision is also amazingly strong. There's a bit of a grain, and the IR LEDs are strong enough to show the entire large garden. You can choose to select an automatic mode, which shoots from black-and-white to colour when it spots any motion – it works very well to light up your side entrance.

We have sucked our teeth at some bad camera sensors in the past, but looking at this one far exceeds the expectations when it comes to its price. The sensor is 120 degrees so that's clearly most comfortable when things are bright, but it's certainly good enough in low light or where some others might be dazed.

There's definitely a number of processing going on too, specifically when using the maximum resolution of the camera. That results in something like over-sharpened edges that are super noticeable in busy images.

But again, let's take a look back at the price; it's a sensor that will get good results. There are even neat software adjustments. Some of these are detection of human and a flashing spotlight mode designed to basically draw attention of an intruder's eye in order to clearly capture the intruder's face.

When it comes to storage, you have a sufficient amount of options such as Ezviz' CloudPlay online service, local storage on a microSD card, throwing all onto a network video recorder, or all 3 at once if you want to build in some repetition.

Overall, it's good. But the Ezviz C3N is not a camera for everyone. Lessees, for example, maybe will not be able to install it at all, because doing so involves creating a hole through your wall for at least the power cable and also maybe an Ethernet cable as well, something you will need to work out on your own given the simple supplied instructions.

But again, This is just $70. There's no certain requirement for a hub, no demand for a cloud subscription. You could secure your whole perimeter and your house for less than the price of one single add-on Arlo Pro 3 camera, and if you'll excuse a few of its issues, that's not a very bad deal at all.

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