Awesome BBQ Tech: New Traeger WiFIRE Grill Connects to Your Smartphone

Nothing beats the summer tradition like grilling in the backyard with family and friends. But every grill master knows that time spent manning the beast is the best time that could be spent relaxing by the pool, playing bocce ball, or mingling with friends. Traeger innovated the classic barbecue into the 21st century and beyond. Their new smart grill has some thrilling new features while allowing for WiFi connectivity.

The Ironwood 885

Traeger’s advanced technology grill boasts amazing features with a WiFi connection that will keep you in 100% control of your food no matter where you go. It has a max of 500 degrees and it holds 885 square inches of grill space. It gives this grill room enough to cook up food for all of your friends. The double side wall insulation helps to maintain heat and save fuel.

A DC motor gives extra push to the auger making it free to push pellets to the exact right grilling positions. Whether you want to roast, barbecue, braise, or grill, you can control the Ironwood 885 from your phone. A smaller version is also available and it is called The Ironwood 650.

Ironwood’s Fired-Up WiFIRE Feature

Are you looking for a new barbecue recipe? Using the grill’s app, you can save, search, and even suggest new recipes in just seconds. The grill monitors the temperature and consistency and sends alerts to the connected phone when you need to adjust something using their feature called WiFIRE. You are capable of shifting wood pellets from the 20-lb capacity hopper to the fire box by using the controller, providing a boost that will heat things back up again. There is a wood pellet sensor that alerts the app when the hopper needs refilling. Using the smartphone app, you can easily monitor every aspect of the process.

Super Smoker

You can increase smoke production at the simple tap of a button with the use of Super Smoke mode, even from the app. Using D2 Direct Drive drivetrain, it directs how much air, heat, and fanning is controlled by the grill. The 6-in-1 variable speed fan helps you control the heat and keeps the smoke flowing. It can provide that extra time that is sometimes important when trying to get everything ready to eat at the same time by using the Keep Warm mode.

Traeger’s Timberline Grills

Traeger’s Timberline series of grills features the WiFIRE technology. With the pill-shaped barrel design, it allows the smoke to billow through the wood pellet grill as Timberline offers both a 1300- and 850-square inch design. It has three adjustable tiers of cooking grates, which will provide the grills an enormous amount of width and height to grill under its airtight lid. The series has many other features with the Ironwood grill series.

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